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The Gods Are Not to Blame

The Gods Are Not to Blame

By Ola Rotimi
Directed by Dr. Esiaba Irobi
Ohio University's Forum Theatre

This adaptation of Oedipus Rex was written by a Nigerian playwright. He wrote the play in order to inspire his countrymen to action in their war-torn state. The play states that destiny is not left to the will of the gods, but to the actions of mankind. I researched the Yoruba people in Nigeria to understand their visual vocabulary and symbols. The unit set served as several places in the story, both public and private. The floor is a broken circle to reflect the broken community. In the details of the props and of the scenic decor, I incorporated replicas of Yoruba artwork.

  • Winner of a 2004 Ezekiel Award for Design, USITT--Ohio Valley Section
  • This design is listed in the Digital Catalog of World Stage Design 2005.
  • This production was featured in the Summer 2005 issue of USITT's TD&T Magazine.
Scenic model The Gods Are Not to Blame The Gods Are Not to Blame