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The Mineola Twins

Mineola Twins - Diner

By Paula Vogel
Directed by William Fisher
Ohio University's Baker Theatre

This play spans thirty years of American History, politics, and women's issues as seen through the eyes of twins from Mineola, New York. I chose the idea of the drive-in movie screen because we accept it as a period element in the first scene which is in 1959. As the play moves on, the screen becomes a portal for us to see into the worlds of each scene. The projections gave us locale and viewpoint. The scenery rotated on magically for each location and the huge screen rotated into a variety of positions. I created still projections in Photoshop and used them on the screen in each scene. During transitions, I projected video and image montages to comment on the action at hand or to take us forward through history.

Mineola Twins - Motel Mineola Twins - Greenwich Apartment Mineola Twins - Bank Mineola Twins - Radio Station