Natalie Taylor Hart

Scenic Design

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White Lightning

White Lightning Prologue

Written by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder
Directed by Sarah Hankins
Lighting Design by Amanda Valdez
Costume Design by Deborah Bell
Photographs by Bert Vanderveen
Triad Stage

"The 1939 Ford coupe was a piece of sculpture in its own day with its shapely body, generous headlights and spacious rear-end with split window. But the builders of this life-sized prop (scenic designer Natalie Hart and properties master Eric Hart) take this classic car to a whole new sculptural level...

We heart this car and the Harts who built it. Not to say the car steals the show, but how do you compete with an inanimate object that drives itself and seems to live and breathe and draws murmurs from the audience with every turn and magical movement?"
- Lynn Jessup, News and Record

View a PDF file of the initial scenic design research for White Lightning
View a PDF file of drafting package for White Lightning

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